Welcome to the University English Website, which focuses on English for Academic Purposes at the university level (advanced).   The website is still under construction, but you are free to use it until it is complete.   New information, study material, exercises, links and videos will be added as they are completed.  I hope that this site is useful to you.

The author of this website has taught English for Academic Purposes for approximately twenty years.  He is currently on the Faculty of English Language Studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, a public university within the Metro Vancouver area of the province of British Columbia, Canada.  He has also taught at the University of California, Irvine, California State Polytechnic University (CalPoly), and the University of British Columbia.  He developed a transition program for students entering university and several ESL programs at the college and adult education levels.   

He holds an MA in Tesol and a Masters in intercultural studies.  He also studied the Japanese Language at the Yamasa Institute for Japanese Language and Culture and has studied Greek, Latin, German, Spanish and Hmong (a Southeast Asian Dialect).  He has also worked in the administration of ESL language programs and international exchange programs and has experience with international consultation and program planning. 

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    This Module looks at the Continuous Verb Tense in English. (sometimes called Progressive Tense).  First there is a general explanation of when to use it.  Then there are real life examples of how to use the continuous tense.   Finally, there are exercises to practice the continuous tense.

    Simple Present Tense

    These exercises focus on the most common Academic Words.

    These are links to other websites where you can get explanations and find practice exercises.

    Conditionals are a type of cause and effect, but there are different choices for cause.   We can talk about simple cause and effect, causes that are possible, causes that are not possible, and causes that are not possible because we wish a cause was possible but it is not because the cause we chose already happened and we cannot change the past.

    The academic word list is a list of the most common words found in academic communication.   This course introduces the meaning of the word with links to an online dictionary and sentences which use the word in context.   Then, there is a longer reading which uses the words in context.   Exercises include sentence level fill-in-the-blank exercises and then paragraph level fill-in-the-blank exercises.